1011007_569612266415192_1386841886_nSNOW: A Cloudy Sky Films Production

Here’s the cast and crew of SNOW at our New York City premiere!

Left to right: Dave Gish—Director of Photography and Editor; Kelley Karel—Christine Summer; Saba—Tece, Director, Screenwriter; Charles Karel—Frank Summer; Jerome Vital—Tony; Tracy Willet—Lisa; Lorian Gish—Lola.



1049057_567867749922977_891407701_oWhile at a Rock concert, Lisa, a talented, pregnant, teenage songwriter is professionally and emotionally taken with Tece, the equally talented rock singer mesmerizing audiences with his magnetism.

Lisa and Tece backstage at the Grammys




431764_167439710040485_1788399346_nEven though they had a very brief courtship and a simple “sign here” wedding, their deep love for each other and the birth of Lisa’s child inspired the young Lisa to write a song titled “Lola” about her daughter.  Tece’s brilliant performance of “Lola” resulted in a recording contract, which ultimately produced a smash-hit and catapulted them to overnight success.  Tece’s fame resulted in a series of sold-out world tours.

Cover for Tece’s album, Lola



C & C CHICKEN FISHY edwenesquareThe difficulti1016596_162733713908646_615961573_nes encountered in touring with a family prompt Lisa to not only approach her parents, Chris and Frank, but also her long time best friend, Edwene, with the proposition of helping her to raise Lola.
Though everyone thinks that raising a child under these circumstances is not ideal, they all agree that it’s far better than the alternative.

Lisa’s parents, Frank and Christine Summer; Edwene, played by Belle Addison; and Lola

kitchenscenelisaThe enormous physical challenges of performing life and the extraordinary expectations of demanding audiences, plus unbelievable contractual obligations: interviews, signings, and product endorsements leave little time for any semblance of a normal life.

Lisa confronting Tece in their kitchen after a night of his carousing



teceonfloorWill all these pressures of fame and fortune make Lisa and Tece succumb to the inevitable temptations of drugs and alcohol?

 Tece in trance while performing



375622_430967620279658_509575967_nCLOUDY SKY FILMS

Cloudy Sky Films was created by Saba in June 2010, to promote the works of independent writers and directors. Since then Saba has been involved with over 17 productions.  These productions have included over 300 actors & crew members.  Below is some info on two of the productions. Click on the elephant or CLOUDY SKY FILMS to go to YouTube for latest videos.




Saba’s web-series, SHERRY’S KITCHEN can be seen on YouTube. Five of 20 episodes have been shot and take about an hour to see.  You can follow the life of celebrity, Sherry Cordial, star of stage and screen, as she hosts her own cooking show, Sherry’s Kitchen, combining her personal and professional life with those of her family, friends, and the production team of her show.


BOTTOM POSTER CASTThere were 75 actors used in these Five Episodes and 3 Teasers plus 25 crew.  I play 3 lead roles: Tina—Sherry’s best friend, Connie—Ne’re-do-well Girl Friday, Hillary ClintonThe Most Influential Woman in the World and my husband, Charles Karel, plays Sherry’s father and producer of the kitchen show as well as a gay French photographer in Episode Five.   Chuck actually is a professional photographer and singer/actor. He, therefore,  couldn’t help himself and took 800 pictures as he acted in Episode 5.





This short adaptation of a feature-length script written by Saba offers a glimpse of burnt-out Rye and independent, precocious Alice. These two flamboyant characters agree to stick with one another until the murder is solved. But Vinny might try to find Rye and who knows what he’ll do in his desperation to get his money back?

This Comedy-Drama Short won two awards at the 16th Indie Gathering Film Festival 2012: Best Comedy-Drama Short and Saba won the Award of Merit as a Leading Actor.

This July 2013, the full length script of About A Week won the Comedy-Drama Full Length Feature Award at the 17th Indie Gathering Film Festival 2013.  Click on the picture that says About A Week and you can go to YouTube and see the short.


ALICE WISTFUL SQUARELorian Gish stars as Alice in ABOUT A WEEK.  Lorian was 13 when the movie was shot and had recently worked on the great Sam Mendes, “Revolutionary Road” feature.  Click on Revolutionary Road to see her amazing work.  I have known Lorian since she was 10 years old.  She is brilliant, beautiful, extremely talented, and one of the nicest human beings I have ever had the privilege of knowing.  It makes me feel the world is only going to get better and better with such young people full of heart and soul for this world and all its people.



SABA ABOUT A WK TREE sqSaba stars as Rye in ABOUT A WEEK along with Matt Hyatt as Vinny and Jerome Vital as Andy.  Dave Gish was cinematographer, as well as editor.  Yael Gidron was second unit director and sound mixer.   And of course, Suzanne Baranski, producer, without whom the entire operation would fold.  Original music was by Jon Yellin.





Saba continues to build the core structure of Cloudy Sky Films by adding immensely and uniquely talented people from all aspects of film making, both in front of and behind the camera.

Check out his latest venture on YouTube: the totally one-man creation,  A French Guy Named Saba.  Check out his special Happy Birthday—Episode One and a Tribute to Björk—Episode Two.  Saba plays ALL the characters: singing, dancing and acting.  He also edited both episodes.  I can’t stop laughing!




There is a continuous atmosphere of non-stop fun both on and off camera.



  • Saba says:

    Thank you Kelley for devoting a whole section of your beautiful blog to us. The work I have produced in the past 3 years, was only possible because of the help I received from an incredible support group of which you, and your wonderful husband (Charles Karel), belong.
    Best wishes for the future, and may we work together very soon.
    I love you.

    • Kelley says:


      It has been our great privilege to call you friend and have the magnificent opportunity to work with you in so many projects! You deserve all the support, love and congratulations for all you have accomplished and keep on accomplishing. Chuck and I wish you continued success in all areas of your amazing life. To quote “America’s Singing Poet”, Steve De Pass, “From Your Lips to Godzilla”, may we definitely work together very soon! We love you, Saba.

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