bannerSMALL FB SIZEA CAKKYST (see left inset) is a whole-hearted, multicolored, totally enthusiastic supporter of CAKKY STUFF.  The one thing you could say, symbolic of CAKKY STUFF is OOAK (one-of-a-kind).  Everything I create, be it jewelry, paintings, ©CAKKY CREECHURZ™ or what have you, is OOAK.  If you have one, no one else does except for Chuck Karel’s photographs.  Chrissie Ann Kelley Karel, YAY!—C A K K Y!  Is that adorable or what? Just like all my creations.

My husband, Chuck Karel, will tell you that my being OOAK is a blessing to the rest of humanity.  Chuck’s been taking photographs since his days as a photojournalist in the US Air Force.  He began taking professional actors headshots when he was in the original Broadway production of HELLO DOLLY.

You’ll see us both in everything we create, and whatever you acquire of CAKKY STUFF, may it uplift your life the way it has ours!


CAKKY STUFF PHOTOS-11-8-2011 328-RC 570 VASE OOAK Multi Colored Vase Yarn + 10 Sci Fi Accents

• Vase Multi Textured Yarn Wrapped with Hand Painted Space Stations OOAK
• Bright Colors—Turquoise-coral-orange-green-blue-black-yellow-gold-purple
• 8.5″ x 17″ circumference OOAK Vase

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CSP-11-17-11 013-RC570 OOAK Boho Pink & Purple Dotted Ball Earrings

Title: Suzy May’s Ear Cookies

• Abstract large ball chandelier earrings for pierced ears OOAK
• Colors: pink periwinkle purple turquoise red orange white
• 4 in shoulder dusters 1/4 oz

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_BR30378-570Turquoise Abstract Wood Heart Fridge Magnet

• Hand painted abstract wood heart magnet never duplicated
• Bright Colors: red pink lime green turquoise black blue
• 2.5″ x 3″

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_BGB5554-570-NEWBurlesque Neon Bright Floating Pink Rose Photo

• Unframed photo rose flower Art Nouveau wall decor
• Neon Bright Colors: hot pink, red yellow black
• 8X10 quality print-Burlesque style

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CAKKY STUFF PHOTOS-11-8-2011 166-RC 570 OOAK Hipster Green Vinyl Tube Earrings

TITLE: Dangly Doodles

• With-a-twist OOAK Sculpture Statement Earrings for pierced ears
• Bright colors: green-yellow-orange-aqua blue
• 3 inch dangles-3/10ths oz light

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CAKKY STUFF PHOTOS-11-8-2011 354-570 OOAK Neon Bright Lampshade or Wacky Vase

• Hand drawn neon bright small lampshade OOAK
• Bright Colors: orange purple green yellow pink black
• Shade top: 3 in Shade bottom: 6 in Shade height: 5 in
• Fits over very small bulb

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  • iris says:

    Hi Kelley,
    I absolutely love your Art filled Items. So full of talent and very full of uplifting spirit. Always makes me smile and feel better about the ugliness we live in sometimes.
    Looking at your wonderful designs show that there is still some bright cheerful sunniness in a small part of this world and when someone buys one of your creations they are bringing some of that beauty to another small part of the world.
    Thank you Kelley for adding some beauty, fun, and sunshine to our lives, we all need that from time to time.

    • Kelley says:

      Hi Iris,

      Thank you so much for your beautiful comments. You are a treasure in my life as you know! You make me want to keep on going! I really appreciate that!


  • Miles says:

    I’m LOVING exploring the wonders of CAKKY’s World! Your beautiful creations are such a delightful expression of the joy you bring to the world every day. I love them! And I love this blog! Almost as much as I love you!

    And I’m very proud to have one of Chuck Karel’s beautiful flower photographs hanging in my home! :)

    Congrats on creating such a warm, interesting and charming place to visit!



    • Kelley says:


      Thank you so much for such wonderful comments about my CAKKY’s WORLD. And I am so glad you love Chuck’s photograph! And most importantly, I love you too, you amazingly talented, kind, and warm hearted friend!

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